Friday, June 30, 2006

Strange Things are Afoot

So after the Doctor prescribed me some sleep pills (thank you, thank you, thank you) I actually got a full 8 hours of sleep. I still feel tired, but at least the world has lost its weird grey sheen.

To celebrate I decided to go to Chapters and get a Mocha before going back to rowing with the other slaves.

But since you insists on truth. Which, by the way, is very over rated, I created my own cage. Yes, I need a Masters to get Tenure, and true I have enjoyed taking it for the most part. And yes, I did suggest that I should turn one of my classes into a Distance course over the spring. Before you ask, I absolutely regret point number two.

But I digress. The weirdest thing happened at Chapters. After spending a fabulous 2 hours browsing I had to go to the bathroom. Well no go. They now have a lock on the door and you have to ask an employee to get in.

So I go and find an employee and ask if the lock is because people were stealing. 'Yes', he say, 'but also graffiti, and other unmentionable things'. Unmentionable things? Now I am captivated. However, I quashed the urge to ask, but just let your mind roll that one around for a while. Unmentionable. In Chapters. Fascinating.

Picture from Flickr

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