Friday, June 16, 2006


Last night I went to two different events. By the time I got to the second one I knew it was time to go home. I have an invisible line, when crossed it is time to leave. This line serves me well. At 7pm last night it told me to go home. It is a sort of spidey sense.

So because I had 3 drinks I decided not to drive. Since I knew Mark was at an event nearby I texted him and asked him to pick me up. At 8, no word, so I call. Now he is at home, on the other side of town and right in the middle of homework. So I ask the waiter to get me a cab. At 9, no cab. Now I am beginnning to think I am in trapped in the twilght zone party, where like the Hotel California you can come, but you can never leave. By now my mood is absolutely poisonious. I am litterly afraid for people to talk to me as I may bite them.

I ask around, no one is going home. Those who are, live on the opposite end of town from me. I am desperate to leave. I contemplate a tunnel. Mull over stealing a motorcycle. Telepathically, will strangers to offer me a ride home. Finally, at 10 Mark calls, 'do I still need a ride home', he asks.

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Mark Fournier said...

Thankfully you have a husband who heard your telpathic plea for assistance (actually it was the cat who passed it on to me)