Thursday, July 20, 2006

Have you Wiki-ed Yet?

Or more to the point have you Wikipedia, yet?

I used to give my nephews a hard time when they would ask me something. Jokingly, I would say, 'Google it.' Now this has become something of a inside joke between us. But I am going to have to update this catch phrase to 'Wikipedia it.' Forget Google. That's so quaint. Now the place to get info is Wikipedia.

For those not in the know a Wiki is a website where anyone can add or edit information. In the case of Wikipedia the information is presented in an encyclopedia format.

And Damn if it isn't addicting. Yesterday, I looked up medication, TV shows, and internet terms and it never failed me once. Is there nothing the great Wiki doesn't know? Doesn't seem so.

Some have chided those who use Wikipedia, because its information is created by volunteers. They say you can't totally trust the information. Well, when I looked up Prozac not only did the article have references to other journals and academic articles it included links to tons of other related websites. Seems just a good as most of the websites I can find by Googling the term.

So come all and join my new addiction. I promise you the Great Wiki is an omnipotent deity.

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