Sunday, July 30, 2006

Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should.

Ole, amigos! I am back from vacation in beautiful Puerto Vallarta and I have decided today to talk about a most serious matter. I fear I have avoided this post for far too long. The time has come to open myself up to you and face your feedback; and I am no coward.

But let us start at the beginning. Over the last few years Mark and I have gone on a number of trips to tropical destinations (the benefits of ruthless opportunism) and at every one of these places I have witnessed a horrible ritual being preformed. People perpetrating the most terrible bondage possible. A disturbing display of gauche style. I am, of course, talking about Western Tourists contining desire, while on vacation, to have their hair put into corn rows! Corn Rows, damnit!

This is not a good look, and I want to be clear here, on ANYONE!

Yet, these women, in their fashionable, barely there binkins and Chanel sunglasses think nothing of totally wrecking a look. A look that, I may add, I am sure they agonized over and solicited ample feedback on for hours before packing the the actual items, by stuffing their hair into unsightly furrows of hideousness? Why, do otherwise smart, classy women subject themselves to a style that only the likes of a Bo Derek could pull off? Do we blame Bo, or do we blame the Tequila? Maybe it is the humidity, or the surf, but for some reason, woman who will barely enter the ocean without a shriek of indignation to what the sea water will do their bathing suit with siddle up for a make over that will transform them into Medusa. Except without the cool powers.

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