Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dreaming about Dresses

Lately, I seem to do nothing but dream of dresses: at night, at work, during supper, in the bathroom.

You see I just took home one of the reproduction vintage dresses I had made (see the pattern to the left). My seamstress is a small piece of wonderful and she couldn't have done a better job is she was Calvin Klein. It has boning for crying out load. It has so much boning that I am not sure I even need a bra, the girls have no where to go but straight out.

Originally, I bought this pattern but didn't think I would ever get it made as its a ball gown. And how often do I have to go to a ball? But then Mom suggested we make the dress tea length. I knew there was a reason I liked her so much. So we went to get fabric and she picked out a piece of iridescence pinky-gold taffeta. I didn't think it would work, it was so girly, but it was half price, so what the heck right?

Well, that Mom, she knows her stuff. Her mojo must have been working overtime because that materials was meant to be made into just this dress. It is so beautiful! And I look so thin in it I could almost cry! Of course, I want to wear it right away, but that damn Mark said itn't appropriate for a dentist appointment.


Squirrelly Girly said...

OMG! Can you send me a picture? I'm DYING to see it! I was going to take the cape pattern I bought to a seamstress really soon, I'm just an oodle bit broke right now. We must talk prices. . . .

Shirley said...

take a picture, post it--this dress is a must see.