Tuesday, August 29, 2006

When You Just Know They Are Going to Say No

First off, I just want to make it clear that I am all for learning to say, 'No'.

Not only is it a valuable skill to learn, but one that can be hard to become good at. People often feel guilty when they say no. So they say yes. Then they find themselves looking after the world's most incontinent dog 2 weeks after they got new carpet. Sometimes, saying no is the only sliver between you and insanity.

But then you have the people who never say yes. You already know what is going to happen before you even ask. You can tell because as soon as you pick up the phone you can feel the knot in your stomach. You have written a biography sized list of reasons they need to say yes. The frustrating problem is that most of the time you are being told no to something only they have control over. So what do you do? Point out that this is their job? Sure, then watch as all your call lapse to voicemail.

Sadly, only doughnuts and pathetic begging seem to ensure a successful repeal of a no. Though not always. But I have found the ones with the strawberry filling are the most effective.

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