Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fashion Barrista

That is what Mark calls me when we go for coffee on the weekend and I criticize all the horrible outfits people wear. Oh, and magazine covers. Honestly, I know it is her magazine, but does Oprah have to be on the cover of O every month? Well, actually, he said 'nasty', but I know what he really meant was Fashion Barrista.

A Fashion Barrista is a woman who loves to critique other women, especially their clothes, then their shoes, hair and finally their weight. You can find Fashion Barristas at any Starbucks or anywhere you can grab a coffee with girl friends. But in a pinch a conveniently compliant husband, who against his better judgment is mildly amused by the constant stream of rude adjectives coming out of your mouth, will work as well.

Oh, please, like you haven't done it.

Picture from Flickr

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