Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tramping through the Blogosphere

Sometimes I like to go to Blogger's home page and check out the names of the blogs that are currently updating. Every once and a while a really cool name will pop-up and I will click on it to see what that blog is all about. I often wonder if that is how some of the people who read this blog found it.

I have also taken to going to
Technorati at least once a week to see what the top tags are. Tags for those not in the know are search terms/words that are assigned to post so that a search engine can find information faster and easier. For example posts about Katya could be tagged: Katya, niece, photo; whatever best classifies the information in that post. Lots of people like to make up their own tags like: fabheidiposts. With a tag like this, you can go to Technorati and search it, this will show you all the other blogs and/or sites that have either linked to this post or have started to use this tag in one of their posts. It is how some people like to monitor the spread of information through the blogosphere. However, it really works best if you have a very popular blog that get referenced a lot by other blogs.

Usually, you can tell what the hot topics are in the blogosphere based on how people are tagging their posts. Sadly, I have not yet set this blog up to use tags. I meant to do it this summer and for some reason just never got around to it. I am actually kind of pissed off at myself for not getting it and running, but c'est la vie. Some days it is amazing that I can feed myself.

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