Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What Evil Is This?

This sad creature is my sister Anita's cat, Radar.

Radar is a long haired cat. He is so fluffy and enjoyable to canoodle with. I used to love holding him tight and cuddling him, then peppering his face with kisses.

Now look at him.

He is embarrased to go outside (you would be too if you looked like a cross between a tiger and a sphinx). According to my sister she had to shave this poor defensless creature because, SUPPOSEDLY, it was too hot on the farm for him. However, being a humane cat owner myself I am not sure it can ever be hot enough to do this. I can almost hear the other cats taunting him, 'do you know how we know your gay?'

As a Barber, Anita does very well for herself. Her customers genuinely seem happy when they leaver her shop, and I think it more than just the fabulous coffee she provides. But after seeing this attrocity I think she should be barred from practicing her trade on animals.

Poor Radar.

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