Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Over the long weekend Mark's friend James came down to visit us. He came bearing a box of Evian. He had come into this box, and many others, it seems, rather serendipitously. We were to be the benefactors of this lucky gift.

When James heaved the box into our kitchen, Mark eyed it suspiciously. Mark coming from the school or it ain't made from hops it ain't a drink. James placed it on the floor next to the counter and both of them cocked their heads to the side and stood looking at the box in fascination. And slight confusion. After all, it.was.a.box.of.evian. As men, this could get them kicked out of the man club. Besides, could you even use it to brush your teeth? The looks on their faces said they were weighing the thought of testing this hypothesis. If, of course, they didn't get caught holding the distinctive pink and blue bottle.

Seeing such a reaction I walked over and stood beside them, head cocked to the side as well. After a few minutes I looked from side to side; both men still looked puzzled. So I said, 'you know that Evian spelt backwards is Naive.' Both looked at each other with startled looks, then took two steps closer to the box, crouched down and scrutinized it closer.

Of course, after the babbling about how fascinating this insight was ended we went back to our long weekend. Except, you can never go back once you get a free box of Evian. Damn serendipity!

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