Monday, September 11, 2006

Girl's Gone Crazy

At first I was going to rant about how no one dumps Nick Lacey to date John Mayer. Maybe I should validate that. No one with eye-sight or hearing. I mean what does that say about Jessica Simpson? Zombies, who chortle boring music are us?

But before we all start to collectively shake our heads at things that don't make sense: Grappa, Martha Stewart, Skinny Jeans. I found this quote on Us, regarding the Simpson-Mayer love affair by the pasty poet himself,

There's nothing about it at all that I wake up in the morning and go to bed at night and say to myself, "Hmm, it's kind of got a shiny edge to it." There's nothing about it that's interesting to me or fascinating with me. I wanna get where I wanna get because I got better on the guitar.

Umm, yeah, ok. I love it when a man spouts streams of negative semi-conscious dribble to major North American publications. So since Jess is obviously taking a beating from a geek, she is getting a rain cheque.

Instead I am going to talk about my girls. The girls I go out with once a month for supper.

Mark likes to tell people that I am out making a spectacle of myself, a statement in which he is not completely wrong; but mostly girl's night, as it has come to be know, isn't about making a scene - it is about the girls.

Our little supper club has grown into a great group of crazy dames. We have the quiet ones, the maternal ones, the workaholic ones, the easy ones, we even have the semi-sane ones. And this past Saturday I had more fun with this group of women than I am sure was legal before 1924.

I am very lucky to have these ladies to make merry with. Every year they make sure I get to drink sangria and belly dance at least once. They resolve to make sure I never hanker for Italian or Japanese cuisine. They determine that there should be more than one bottle of wine on our table at every supper. Yet, even with these good deeds they often find time to marvel at my shoes or compliment my hair. Some have even endevoured to read this blog, and tell me that they have found it to be sweetly semi-lucid. Indeed, they are great women.

So this post is a salute to my girl's, the ones who keep me up-to-date on the best gossip, are enthusiastic foodies, will try at least one glass of wine not matter how dreadful, who love me even when I repeat the same story, and who make me laugh with abandon.

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Anonymous said...

Darling, you are one of the 'semi-sane' that makes girls night ROCK! I would be lost with out the chatter, laughter and opinions that come out the first saturday of every month. We all have you to thank for creating this very special group of gals!

Anonymous said...

I don't just want to be known as one of the "maternal ones" I'm so looking forward to February and my return to wild debauchery (sp?)!
This is a great group and definitely helps keep my sanity. Let's face no totally sane person keeps my schedule without some help.

Anonymous said...

Another thought, they could produce a very entertaining very "educational" reality tv show based on our monthly dinner rituals!

Anonymous said...

You guys sound like you have a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

I may have been quiet once in my life but not usually. I have been called a workaholic, but I secretly wish I was Easy!!