Tuesday, October 17, 2006

15 Month Old Rocket Scientist

This past weekend I went home to spend some quality time with my BFF, Katya.

At 15 months she is starting to be quite the chatty Kathy. These 'conversations', Jillian calls alien speak. Mostly it is comprised of the odd burp, a few rapidly exclaimed opinions, and a question or two. At least, I am assuming it is a question, as her voice goes up at the end.

Of course, none of it is decipherable. But that doesn't dissuade her from yapping. We chatted about all sorts of fascinating topics. She doesn't care what you say, just as long as you keep talking. She does have a rude habit of cutting you off though.

Sometimes, I managed to figure out what she was saying. Like she wanted to pet the baby beside us at lunch. The baby on the other hand was slightly fearful of the reaching, crowing child intent on cuddling her like she was a Tickle Me Elmo.

Mom and I also discovered she loves Sears. Or bras. Where not sure which, as we were bra shopping AT Sears. The lingerie aisle was the setting for a cacophony of delighted screams, each threatening to out do the last. Mom and I was were not missed when we left.

But truly it is her outdated ideas on quantum physics and its relationship to string theory that I found most difficult to swallow. Her mathematical equations didn't even make sense.

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