Wednesday, October 18, 2006

PDA Etiquette

Have you noticed there is a shocking lack of PDA etiquette? And by PDA, I don't mean Public Displays of Affection. For which, by the way, there is also a shocking lack of etiquette. Look, that man is removing the lady's tonsils with his tongue. No, I am talking about Personal Digital Assistants. You know the ones that ring, beep, buzz, and generally monopolize people's attention whenever you are out for _insert event here_.

PDA's are like the ex-boyfriend you can't get over, but who still pops up everywhere. He hangs out with your friends. He shows up at your parents house. He is there when you go to your local pub! Yet, even though you are SO over him, you can't help responding every time his flighty eyes focus on you. That is why normal, well adjusted people drop you in mid-sentence when their PDA lights up. Friends who love to listen miss your punch line texting back a friend.

Stop PDA etiquette infractions. Blenderize a PDA today!

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