Monday, October 02, 2006

She Isn't Heavy, She's My Mother

As some of you know, my mother recently went through lapband surgery. This is not a permanent surgery, unlike a gastric bypass, but it is just about as effective. Mom, has been dealing with Diabetes for many years and it was beginning to effect her physically. The doctor had told her if she lost weight she could probably go off insulin. But being diabetic creates its own complications, and one of them is that it is very difficult to lose weight.

So after a lot of research and consultation (with her doctors in Medicine Hat, and her family) she decided she was going to have lapbad surgery in Mexico. Well, the surgery went great and she has been back 2 months now. The first 4 weeks she could mainly have liquids. I was VERY proud of her for following the doctor's order so closely. I have known quite a few people who have had a gastric bypass done and instead of changing their eating habits (like they have been advised to) they eat whatever they want. Not just whatever, but they push it to hard, eating more than the recommended cup of food at a meal. Mom, I am happy to say did not do this, and I am sure this is why she lost 20 pounds in her first month. Yeah!!

Now, things have started to slow down a bit, as they were apt to do. But she has joined a work out class at the hospital where she gets one-on-one training twice a week with a trainer. Again, I think this is awesome as it will speed up her weight loss. When I called on Sunday, she had lost 26 pounds so far. Not bad for two months work!!

Keep up the good work, Mom!

Editors Note: If you want to email Shirley and let her know what a great job she is doing, or to ask her questions about her surgery you can do so at

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