Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Forget Peasant Vision

A friend of mine has self-imposed peasant vision. This poor deluded sap actually has only three channels. I am not sure I would call that living. Why own a TV if you are only going to have three channels? Why not just buy a stack of 1000 piece puzzles instead, it's cheaper and more interesting. The thought of having only three channels has got to be the equivalent of living in a sensory deprivation chamber.

I couldn't live without certain channels, like BBC. Living in Canada I don't really get BBC. What I get is BBC Canada, which is a mish mash of the best of BBC, ITV and Sky TV. It doesn't seem to matter what channel the show originally aired on, the fact is that I am riotously addicted to just about evey show they play.

Currently, there are three channels I check consistently: TCM (Turner Classic Movie), AMC (American Movie Channel) and BBC Canada. And you can't get these on peasant vision. But what is funny about this is that if you asked Mark what three channels he consistently checks he'd say: Military Channel, CNN, and the Jazz Music Station. This is why we have two tv's.

Yet, despite this he has become as obsessed by Life on Mars as I am. This should not be confused with the other show, Jericho, which he NOT going to getting into. I am so glad that he has taken this stand. I am absolutely sure this decision isn't the reason he's convinced that the upcoming American version of Life on Mars is going to be an abomination! A freaky unnatural thing without a pub, football hooligans, and cheesy clubs with dance cages.

But it is Muffy, that has truly become my protege. After one Friday night of wine and episodes of Footballers Wives and Hotel Babylon she has decided you can never watch enough bitchy, bed hopping, boozers.

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Anonymous said...

while I've never understood the point of only have 3 channels either I especially hate it when the peasant vision population views their decision to live like the Omish as being the intellectually superior way to exist. At least Muffy has seen the error of her ways!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Hey! I hardly think you can take the stand that I live like the Omish! I am completely up to date on pop culture and I don't need more than three channels as I am out LIVING life. I am hardly home to watch TV and all the shows I like are on peasant vision. I do miss the discovery channel though. Cable costs money and my red wine budget is just to tight to give up any $'s.

Heidi Schempp Fournier said...

I am with you Jen. The is a certain snobbishness that goes with choosing Peasant Vision. Almost like you expect them to say, 'I don't watch tv, I read.' Well, duh, doesn't everyone! Or do you consider US weekly a picture book! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have seen the error of my ways. However, I hate the cable companies and the way they package their offerings. A person who wants to watch HGTV is not likely to want all the sports channels.

It is a money grab