Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wondering: What Am I Doing With My Time

Every once and a while I come across someone who is just living the dream. Cool job, European or Caribbean address, tons of doubloons in the bank. And it makes me wonder? WTF am I doing with MY time?

Again, yesterday I got an email from another friend doing the European thing. I am starting to get a complex. I still live in the same province I grew up in. I own clothes I wore in high school, though many of them no longer fit, but that is a story that requires wine. I refuse to let Mark spend more than $16,000 on a new car. Actually, I told him I would prefer it if he only spent $10,000, but that if he could swing $8,000 that would be even better.

Every winter I complain about the weather, but can't seem to find enough grit to do anything about it. Except have the same inane conversation I have every year. 'Burr, it is cold out there. I think it is time to move somewhere warm.' And that is about where it ends. Disgusting!

On top of this the weather has been freakishly good for the last two winters. So far I have been able to run outside all year round. Which of course causes me to have massive anxiety attacks. Because the cold, it is going to come. It is just biding its time. Waiting until you have on a short skirt and open toe shoes. Then it is going to dig in and stay until July 21st. At which point you will realize you have put all your winter clothes in the shed out back. The one now buried under a mound of snow. Oh yes, we will pay dearly for these two good winters.

So I know what you are thinking: GET OUT! Run while there are still no snow drifts to cross. Move before you require a dog sled team to get to the video store. And I totally should. But I can't. I have no idea why. So instead I guess I will continue to get a twinge of jealously when I see friends living the dream. And continue saying to people, 'cold enough out there for you?'

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