Thursday, January 04, 2007

At Least I Wore Red

So sad news today. On Dec 31 I turned 35.

I know. I was shocked as well. I just isn't natural. I mean aren't you supposed to be 18 until you die? Obviously, someone else cashed in my ticket to eternal youth.

Somehow I thought by 35 I would have my mortgage paid off (keep dreaming!!), I prayed my student loan would be gone (one fiscal success!!), I would be teaching full-time at a college (almost there), and I would be about 20 lbs light (I am a work in progress, I am a working progress, I am a work in progress).

Ahh, how things look different from what I dreamed at 25! But I have to say I have achieved a lot of the things I had hoped for: I own a home, I completed my Masters Degree, Mark and I are still married, and I do weigh less. Add to that that I have fallen in love with running, have a bunch of fun nieces and nephews, and two very cuddly cats and I can't say I have done too shabby.

Plus, I have fabulous friends! Friends who recognize the beautful butterfly inside and threw me a birthday party complete with martinis, tiaras, and games. If you have to get older you might as well do it with lots of vodka and liqueurs.


Anonymous said...

You wore red, you looked fab and all of your friends were falling down by three in the afternoon! No more parties starting at two in the afternoon. Planning your party was fun, but attending it was a blast!

Anonymous said...

Are you wearing a crown? That is so cool! Where/how do you get a crown?!

Rebecca 'Becky' Heaman said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Heidi
Happy Birthday to you!

Anonymous said...

You are fan "fricken" tastic and so was the party baby