Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Mooching Season

Christmas tis the season to mooch. And if you wish to take advantage of the generosity of those who decorate their doors and hearths with tinkly bells and shrubbery you can save almost a full month's groceries if you planned right. Fill up well and you may not need to eat until the next supper invitation. Not to mention what could be either stuffed into a handbag or gleaned from a a merry hostess happy to send you home with left overs.

And let's be honest, you could probably think of at least 5 Christmas parties that you were invited to this year. Add that to the number of other events you could have weedled an invite to through friends and family and you will start to see what I am talking about. No other time of the year provides so many opportunities to show up and consume large quantities of food for so little. A savvy skinflint can manage to eat their way through family, friends, work, and club celebrations. Any place that has the facilities to cook turkey and serve potatoes is fair game.

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