Tuesday, January 02, 2007


On a recent trip home I got to hang out with the BFF. In fairness I am not sure you could call it hanging out; it was more like being passively ignored. She was engrossed in some frighteningly bizarre concoction called the Doodlebops. I was actually afraid the the actors would keel over due to toxic poisoning from the thick make-up they had slathered all over their faces. Actually, I think that watching is too light a word to use. Let's just say that if this show had of been a snake bite, and if Katya had been told she was the ONLY person in the world who could successfully suck the venom out, she could not have done it more earnestly.

However, this brought up a thought. Not, what kind of strange viewing there is for kids on TV, but if I don't put my foot down this poor child will soon be subjected to Gone Fishing. I know she isn't my daughter, but I am her aunt and I haven't spent thousands of hours worshiping at the temple that cinema built to see her have to sit through crap. I can spare her hours of bad movies.

But being only two, I think this leaves a lot of manoeuvring room. So while I have not put together a totally exhaustive list, I think I can say that she will be ready to meet Doris Day. I had a friend who once told me that her daughter just loved Doris Day. She had almost all of Doris's movies and she would sit and sing along and it didn't matter to her that most of these films had been made in the 50's, they were FUN to watch. So I think Doris is a safe bet. I also think that we could include some other golden oldies like Preston Sturges' Palm Beach Story and The Lady Eve. And what is a girl without a little Marilyn Monroe? A sad sack, that is what! Therefore, we need Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and How to Marry a Million. And finally, to round things out we will wind up with a little My Man Godfrey, Around the World in 80 Days, Bringing Up Baby or Clash of the Titans! None of these movies may include music groups in bright get-ups, but I am sure they will be more entertaining to watch!

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Anonymous said...

You should try watching the Doodlebops at 7:30am after being up all night with a baby!