Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday Fun Stuff

I can never turn away from web sites with fabulously saucy names, and Almost Naked Animals is definitely asking to be stared at. Where else can you see pictures of animals in their undies followed by a list of likes and dislikes - almost like they are in Playboy!

Our next site this week is listed here because it is FUNNY! I want to clearly state that there is no other reason I have listed it. That's it. No deeper meaning. Except, maybe, the fact that I find head gear laughable. I think if you are honest with yourself you will agree that you think Turbans are hilarious too. In a funny looking way. Like clowns in cars. Not in a 'I find religious clothing funny' way. Unless, it is the Pope in his big hat. That hat is huge. And funny.

Finally, Mark asked me to include this next site. In one of Seinfeld's riotous spiels he states that to men superheros aren't fantasies , but options. They just have to choose who they want to be: Superman, Batman, Spiderman. Knowing this, and knowing my husband knows this, I find the fact that he wants this site listed in this weeks FFS as the equivalent of baring his butt at the mall. Of course, if you don't have a boyfriend, husband, or partner who dreams about being super hero then you may not find the Superhero Quiz as thought provoking as I do.

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