Monday, January 08, 2007

Have Pillow will Travel

Mark likes to say my idea of roughing it is staying at a hotel that doesn't have spectra vision. Of course, his idea of adventure travel is planting himself in a deck chair for 7 days. Now before you think I hold deck chairs in contempt let me tell you what I think roughing it is. It is sleeping on a foam pillow.

These are the most modern and vile inventions. Where did anyone ever get the idea to replace a feather pillow, which is the equivalent of cuddling up to your mother's soft, welcoming bosom with a sand bar. Nor, do they come in any kind of consistent size, either thick enough for a plummeting sky diver to land upon or as thin as a piece of diet cheesecake.

My whole life I have slept on a feather pillow. This is a really the only way to get a good night sleep. Feather pillows have give. Like a memory foam mattress it contours to your body. There is nothing better.

This is why I have always travelled with my own pillow. It doesn't smell weird. It doesn't twist my neck into nasty positions. And while you may snicker, I am not alone. In fact, recently I heard a good friend's sister sneer, 'I thought YOU were the only person who travelled with your pillow!'

So take heart. If you have been concerned about travelling with your pillow, don't worry. Be strong! Pack that pillow! Walk with pride through the door of that hotel, family residence, or friend's guest room. We are the strong! And we will sleep deeply!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Heidi dearest you are not alone; I have travelled with my own pillow ever since my car accident. The only time I didn't was travelling overseas (and then I checked to ensure that the hotel had some good pillows in lieu). Totally worth the effort to be able to sleep well. Ariana

Anonymous said...

You could have brought your own pillow to my place last night if you really wanted a sleep over!!

Anonymous said...

Hospital pillows are the worst offender in this category. I insisted on having my "magic pilly" whilst giving birth and living on the peds ward with Scarlett.

Anonymous said...

After my stay at my sister's over Christmas, and a kinked neck for a week, I am taking this advice seriously.

Anonymous said...

I prefer a buckwheat pillow myself and never leave home without it.