Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Oh, the Amore of Fantasy!


Magic is what women have dreamed of for eternity. Some might think it an adherence to outdated outdated ideals and mores. The shining knight on horse back. The beautiful red rose. A passionate kiss.

We watched the movies, readed the books, fantasicized about swarthy sea captains, virile Highlanders, ,but only in our thought. How those thoughts come alive! It's like the greatest holodeck program of them all. Living out great fantasies.

Some worry that makes them voyeuristic, but I say dream on, dear sprite!! Our days can be mired in dirty subway rides, worries about tax deductions, and if we are eating enough fruits and vegetables. But what about the mind? The mind is the greatest creation. Where else can we be a warrior queen, an elphin princess, the object of unlimited love and affection, or the wittiest, most erudite conversationalist?

At the risk of sounding like a hopeless dreamer, I say, live the idea! Grab the thought! Take the chance! Find your bliss and hold on for the roughest ride of you life.

You go through life once. Why squander it on anger, hurt dreams, vague unsaid insults? Some may say if you mess with the bull you get the horns, but I think if you don't risk the horns you miss the chance of stepping outside your thoughts. We all live in a small corner of the world. As Fances Mayes says, if you don't take a chance and push your boundaries to step outside what has made you, you will never grow.

If it's love you seek do it with good will, face the chance of pain or you will settle for less. If you want career advancement hold the course and play the game within the boundaries of your own ethics, and be willing to move on if you need to. If it's adventure you seek include the ones you love, they may surprise you and take your challenge. If it's parents that don't seem to fit, conside that you don't fit their pattern and gamble on their love and concern for your well being to pull them close when you are down. But most of all, realize that there are good choices and bad, there are people who want to love and help you, and if none of those things work remember a fabulous meal will pull those you need to your side.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, the philisophical Heidi emerges!!!

Anonymous said...

So very well said my darling! I could not have said it better my self. Last night I spent a good portion of the evening pontificating about this very concept.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite blogs so far! I KNEW tasha would have been pontificating about this!

Anonymous said...


Jen says philisophical, Tasha says pontificating. I say stop watching Under the Tuscan Sun!! How many times have you see it.

Anonymous said...

When are you going to write your bestseller?