Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Whiskey A-Go-Go

A while back my sister, Anita, and I heard that Boney-M was playing at the Whiskey in Calgary. Since no other band has ever created a singable and historically accurate song about a lethal megalomaniac I knew it had to be Kismet calling!

The fact that our Mother is their hugest fan, or that we listened to them obsessively for most of our childhood, or even that their Christmas album is still the single BEST Christmas album ever released - yes, better then Bing Crosby - might have had a little to do with it. We broke out our credit cards.

The Whiskey is not the kind of bar I go to often. I luckily don't have an overriding desire to hand over the pink slip for my car to buy one beer. However, a few months earlier I had been to see Smash Mouth at the Whiskey and I knew if we didn't get there early to get a good seat we would be forces to crane our necks around some barely legal yahoo who had stand in front of us all night blocking the band. Not being 18 anymore, I don't do standing all night.
Once we were strategically seated and grooving to the band we had thought. To bad Dad wasn't with us! He would enjoy this so much! So Anita whips out her cell phone and calls him. When he answers she holds out the phone out in front of her so that he can hear the band. What does he do? He hangs up. The next day he tells my Mom that some weird tele-marketer called him the night before. I mean, he does use modern conveniences, but for some reason how to use phones in general just seems to allude him.

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jaylene said...

I totally agree that they do have the BEST x-mas album ever!