Monday, February 26, 2007

And the No.1 Reason I Love My Bed

A year and a half ago we made one of the BEST investments in our lives. We bought a new bed. A king size bed with pocket coils, and a downy soft pillow top. This bed is so damn sweet I would sooner sign-up to drink backwash then ever give it up.

Before we bought this bed, I thought a bed was a bed. I bought one just before I left for university. In fact I gave no thought to this purchase, past finding the cheapest one I could find. What can I say, I was a student.

At 18 the body doesn't know the difference between a good bed and a bad one. Of course, the fact that we had to put a foamy on top to make it bearable probably should have been a clue that it sucked. Yet, Mark and I slept on this bed for 12 years. It never occurred to us that we needed a new one. Well, not until both cats started sleeping with us. Then my chiropractor told me that unless I wanted my neck to look permanently like a question mark I should consider getting a new one.

Now every night when I go to bed I stretch out on it and wiggle all over. Then I look at Mark and he says, 'I know, you love this bed.'

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Anonymous said...

King size sounds good. I have a queen that has to accomodate me a fat cat and a black lab. This really doesn't leave room for anyone else. OK! I guess I don't need a new bed yet!