Monday, February 19, 2007

Notes from the Field

The last two days I have been in the field. Eating rations. I was told to be patient, find a good pair of boots, and spend time with the only friend I have left - some mangy cat we found in our camp. I might live to see another day. I might not.

Knowing the daredevil may care with which my General was operating this mission I hardly felt like the cat had a chance of making it out alive. I thought my chances were probably less. Plus as she insisted on wearing the white coat with pink flowers night and day, the General couldn't expect to suprise the enemy.

As I was given a long speech about glory in the battlefield, how cool amputated limbs look and that there is nothing a hot as gangrene I became uneasy. The General sensed this and promised me that if I fell she would start a scholarship in my name to fund unlimited episodes of The Big Comfy Couch for all tottlers. This was all I needed to know. Our enemies, Elmo and Leana, the Cabbage Patch Doll, didn't stand a chance. Victory would be ours!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the trenches! Where Dora The Explorer does the best field searches and TMX Elmo keeps morale high with giggles and tickles, sleep is elusive but the rewards are many!