Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Back in November I purchased a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) for our satellite system. As Mark likes to lament, I'm an early adopter.

I don't know about you, but it can be a real challenge to sit down at an appointed time to watch a show. And I was getting sick of finding a show I loved then missing it so often that it was pointless to keep watching.

A good friend said, 'why don't you just get a blank tape and set-up the timer on your VCR.' For the same reason I don't expect my dirt devil to vacuum my living room. Get the right tool for the right job. Does a VHS let you rewind LIVE TV? Does a train fly?

So with my shiny new object lovingly installed I called Star Choice to get it activated. Only to find out that they actually have to send someone to do it. A tech will call us. We wait. No call. Mark figures, he has opposable thumbs he can do it. Skip forward to two weeks ago. The DVR still isn't working.

I now have what appears to be a very expensive dirt devil. So finally, I call Star Choice again, get an extremely helpful lady and a person comes by 3 days later and sets it up. So I program in all the shows we want to record.

Last night was the big payoff, Mark was listlessly shuffling through the channels looking for something to watch, when I remembered! We had recorded shows. And not just any recorded shows, we had Engineering an Empire. Jealous, much?


Mark Fournier said...

In my defense, it did not work because we needed to add a piece to the dish, no one at starchoice said anything about an extra piece they just told us to run in an extra line (which I did with both skill and finesse)

Heidi Schempp Fournier said...

Actually, I hate to break this to you, honey, becaue you HAVE become much handier; the install guy said we didn't need the part and I should ship it back rather than pay for it.

But I appreciate the effort!

Mark Fournier said...

The install guy LIED!

Anonymous said...

Of course he did Mark! For crying out loud, the last time I was at your house I'm pretty certain I saw you dragging a deer corpse into the kitchen with one arm! You are the Hunter, Gatherer and fixer of ALL thing electronic for goodness sake!

Anonymous said...

Get a PVR I told you!