Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Thoughts of a Retired Gladiator

The other night Mushu was dashing frantically through the house. Like a cat chased by a fire breathing reptile. If Mark would let such destructive animals in the house.

Mushu had spotted his great nemesis, the black and white cat from down the street. At least that is where I suspect he comes from, or from HELL. Either or.

Once in the yard it is all he can do to stop himself from sauntering up to the patio doors and rubbing his belly all over them in front of Mushu. The reaction is always the same, Mushu paws at the glass and bellows. If he could make a fist and shake it at the sky, proclaiming the injustice of his indoor bound life, he would.

Next the black and white slowly makes his way to the back yard. Mushu's backyard. The yard he once ran free in. Where he pooped in the bushes. Such good times. And now this nasty interloper is tainting the sanctity of his personal place. To make sure he misses none of this vile invasion, he runs from window to window lest he lose sight of the black and white.

Forbid, that the trespasser might clean himself in Mushu's favorite spot under the big tree. Maniacal bastard.


Anonymous said...

Are there any cat psychiatrists in Lethbridge?

Heidi Schempp Fournier said...

I actually hadn't thought of that :-). Mostly, I just try to distract him with treats.