Thursday, March 15, 2007

Circle of Trust

The circle of trust, sucks. Mainly, because most people who tell you they have a circle of trust are OUT OF THEIR MINDS!

Why do you need a circle of trust unless you are part of the IRA, toying with the democratic process, a habitual liar trying to keep all their tall tales straight, or claiming you shagged someone you didn't. Otherwise, what is the point?

It is like a sad MySpace experiment. Where you can only get as far into the circle as you have friends willing to sign-up for an account. I mean isn't MySpace like a high school prom gone wrong. It is an antebellum dance card on steroids. Only if no one asks for the waltz you know you are going to be reliving your worst high school locker room scenario.

But, honestly, if this partnership, friendship or aquaintance requires a blood oath, as my mother used to say 'maybe he/she just isn't your cup of tea.'


Mark Fournier said...

Good news. Mushu, Yuko and I have deciced to let you back into our circle of trust.

Anonymous said...

OK, I am very, very fussy for you. However, I am not fussy for needles, knives or other sharp objects. Our friendship will never, never require any kind of cutting or bleeding! I am also sketchy on the trust circle. I always want to know what you're going to do to me in said cirlce; and that kind of goes against the entire trust exercise. I guess we will just continue to drink wine, eat good food and call it good!

Anonymous said...

As a member of the "Elle Davis circle of trust" I know how fickle trust really is. One minute you're in and then the next minute you say no to a package of gum at the grocery store and you are so far removed from the inner sanctum you'd think you'd reached the netherlands of the soul.