Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Fun Stuff!

For today's Friday Fun Stuff, we have some really fun things! First off is the Poolboys at the Mansion. This is a blog devoted to those sad saps that wish, WISH, WISH, they could get a job at the Playboy Mansion cleaning pool. Men, so predictable.

Next up is an item of extreme interst to geeks like me, The Evil Overlord List! I love this! It is 'one of several popular lists of planned actions for a competent Evil Overlord to avoid the well-known blunders committed by Evil Overlords in popular fictional works. The lists were compiled by science fiction fans over a number of years, and copies of the list that can be found on the Internet vary in number and order of entries.' [source wikipedia].

Finally, we have this fun little strobe game. Check it out. But don't blink!

Picture from Flickr

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Anonymous said...

loved the strobe--find more--I need the stimulation.