Thursday, March 08, 2007

What Your Ringtone Says About You

The other day I was walking by an office and heard the phone ring. BRRRING, BRRring, brrring.

Being a modern phone it had been set to ring like phones one can only experience in black and white movies. Like nails on a chalk board. No one in the vicinity could miss it. So annoying. It couldn't be ignored.

Looking at the person who worked in the office I thought, they set it to ring this way. On purpose. Reminiscent of when they were a kid. Yet, I also have a friend who also uses this EXACT ring tone on her cell. For totally different reasons. She is a little hard of hearing. When you keep your cell in your purse hearing it can be a real challenge. Thus, she has chosen this tone. Because it's loud and nearly impossible to miss.

My office mate and I on the other hand have set our phone to say, 'Are you there?' Which caused Mark to jump and swivel around in the same way one does when they realize there is a hungry bear behind them. But I like it because it reminds me of the computer in Star Trek. If the computer in Star Trek were paging me in the posh lobby of a luxury hotel. That is what I want my ring tone to say about me. You are needed in the holodeck after you finish your cucumber sandwiches.

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Mark Fournier said...

That ring tone is evil. It is like the voice of Hal of 2001 a space odessy. "Are you there Ron, What are you doing Ron, I cant allow you to do that Ron."

That phone should be destroyed before it hurts someone.