Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It's Chlorine, Thanks for Asking

If you have a swimming pool and it is used by kids, you need chlorine. Otherwise, splashing around in that water would be like doing the backstroke inside a diaper.

Thankfully, chlorine neutralizes all those little germs. However, in doing so it makes you relatively pungent. And not in a aromatic way, fresh scent way. In a, these people own a cat, sort of way.

Chlorine is like a bare knuckle boxer. For some reason it is seems to be the second hardest smell to get rid of after skunk. And lately I have been smelling a lot like it.

Training for my triathlons this summer has meant getting in the pool. Which in turn has meant coarse hair, dry skin, wrinkled fingers and toes, and oozing eau de pool.

Which I have to say is not how a girl is supposed to smell. Flowers or Chanel, yes. Chemicals with a skull and crossbones on them, not so much.

Picture from Flickr

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