Tuesday, March 06, 2007

When the Bell Tolls

It is ten o'clock on a Friday night. The weather outside is cold. The wind claws at the buildings. I am at home. Alone. My husband has left me. He has gone to hang out at 'guy's night.'

This celebration of maleness is top secret. No one can know what happens behind the closed doors and newspapered windows. It is practically a state secret.

Yet, one can't help wondering....
  1. Pedicures?

  2. Episodes of Bosom Buddies?

  3. Readings of the Karma Sutra?

  4. Superman vs. Batman?

  5. Twister?

  6. Recipe exchange?

  7. How to change a tire lectures?

  8. Why the A-Team was important?

  9. Beard vs. No Beard?

  10. Lilies or Roses?

Sadly, it's probably poker and cigars.

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