Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Creating a Good Story

proof that I'm quite shy
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Have you ever done something really stupid? And ended up injured because of it? I don't mean, you decided to jump from the bed of one moving truck to another. More like, you were laughing really hard and collided with the straw in your drink, gouging a huge wound on your forehead. Because that has happened to me.

I always find its best in these situations where the story doesn't warrant retelling, or would make you appear dumber than a contestant on Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, to create you own story. I think that you can fairly expect to start by explaining how you dashed up 3 flights of stairs. The more stairs the more committed and virile you appear. That, of course, the building was burning. Because the nice man at the danish store, his goldfish were trapped. Everyone loves goldfish. And besides it is not everyone who saves you the special danish every morning. Those are people who need our special love. Then you can feel free to extrapolate a little by explaining how these fish were a present from his dead father. At which point I think you have a fairly poignant and interesting story.


Anonymous said...

One time at Band Camp...
Chloe, Brad, Elle, Scarlett & I were about to leave the park. I looked around blankly and said to Brad "where's Elle gone" without realizing I was holding her hand.

The End

Anonymous said...

Yeah...that's a nice idea Heidi...unfortunately for you, you have a friend like me. Who was present the night you sliced out a piece of your eyebrow with a fancy drink straw. I continue to tell the story over,over,and over again to anyone who will listen!

Running up a flight of stairs my ass :) Rather yelling out "FINE! I WILL GIVE YOU A (Naughty word Naughty word)! BUT YOU BETTER NOT TOUCH ME!!!

Anonymous said...

Remember I am accident prone. So I have done way worse. To many stories.