Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Fun Stuff!

The sun is out. The weather is fit for open toes shoes. Damn it, I think summer may finally have arrived! So in a celebration of this weather, but in no way relates to said weather, I have a list of fun little items and gadgets for you today!

As my previous post clearly states, I am a huge Nancy Drew fan. Nancy Drew super freak really. So when I saw Invisible Ink for sale on Cool Hunting I just knew I needed to get some. I can hardly wait to start passing notes!

A few years ago I decided that I don't wrap presents. I am actually a fabulous gift wrapper. Three Christmases working as a gift wrapper for Holt Renfrew gives you callouses with character. I can do invisible tape, crisp corners, and ribbons you wish you could wear in your hair. But this experience also convinced me that I don't want to suffer for my art. Pretty bags are good enough for me, and therefore should be for you. But if you find fault with that logic, here are some really funky wrapping papers for any number of occasions. And if you email and ask nicely I will pass onto the secret of invisible tape. See, I do give back!

Finally, my favorite find of the week comes from this great blog I found through Probloggers Writing Project Contents. So check out The Ghost Detector at Cutie Gadget. This little guy supposedly picks up super natural vibrations. I would just LOVE to buy this and give it a try. I am convinced that Mom and Dad have a ghost living in the closet in the basement. I just need to know!!!

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