Tuesday, June 19, 2007

T.V. Makes Me Mad

First of all, I am breaking the rules. Well, sort of. I am supposed to post tomorrow but was seriously worried that I wouldn’t have a chance so am posting one day early. Second, blogging angry is not allowed. Although the title seems angry please note that I am not. In fact, I have had a glass of wine which was promoted, not discouraged.

I am not an avid television watcher. It is rare for me to become attached to a show. Even if I like it, it is unlikely that I will watch it every single week. I would be o.k. without cable. In fact, we only have Basic cable. And that is for my husband. I must say that I came close to having a weekly date with my T.V. this year. Grey’s Anatomy. I loved it. I watched it almost every week and if I did miss it I was sure to get all of the details before the next episode. That is until the season finale. So disappointing. I don’t even know if I will watch it in the fall. Even good shows, it seems, let you down.

Then there are all of the reality shows. Can you imagine how different television programming would be if Survivor had never succeeded? And then there was the ‘new’ reality show – The big Donor Show. The premise behind it was for contestants to compete for the favour of a woman who was said to have been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and was to choose who would receive one of her kidneys. Can you imagine? Turned out to be a hoax. But, what does it say about our society when it drew headlines and even commendations from the media around the world?
Even the news has taken a turn for the worse. I don’t care to know what Paris Hilton had for her first meal in jail. Networks claim to be providing programming based on what the consumers want. I don’t want this stuff. So, I am mad at T.V. and am quite happy to not be able to participate in any discussion surrounding the latest series or reality show. Hmmmm…maybe there is a Facebook group I could join for this. • Jaylene


Anonymous said...

I agree! Most of the stuff on TV is crap, and don't get me started on Paris Hilton. I hate that she gets any publicity at all. Maybe this is why people are becoming addicted to facebook.

Anonymous said...

See this is why I stick to Cornation Street, good, quality, consistent programming! That and I am a dork!