Thursday, July 19, 2007


About 6 months ago I started a Book Club. This was after I had tried to join 2 or 3 and was told, sorry they just weren't looking for new people. Book Club Snobs?!?! Was I really living in that world? So I checked on Google Earth, and nope, I was still living in Lethbridge, Alberta not Manhattan.

But I shouldn't have been surprised. One thing I have noticed about people in Lethbridge is they aren't very good a sharing anything they feel they have exclusively. I don't know if it's because I might ruin their thing with my tobacco spitting and excessive comments about handbags, or if it's BECAUSE I don't comment enough about handbags. I don't know. However, I do know for a fact that despite my short comings I still get invited out. Even though a few of my dearest friends have threatened to have my nose removed, due to the fact that I rub it so often in public. And yes, I have been known to snort saline solution (I dry out easily!), and they still think I'm groovy. These are people who have to share a table, and possibly food with me. But someone I barely know won't share a book with me?

This weirdness has also extends to the domestic realm. Namely cleaning ladies. I am not going to give you some dog and pony show about what a great wife I am and how I keep my house spotless, you can eat off the floors bullshit; because that would be a bald face lie. I hate cleaning. Mark cleans more than I do. I am markedly lucky I married a man who knows how to do laundry (shout-out to Marilyn), so when we moved here I knew I needed to find someone before the dust bunnies found me. When I started to ask around I was told by 3-4 ladies, sorry they just weren't comfortable sharing that info with me and besides, their cleaning lady just wasn't taking anyone new. Hogging a cleaning lady? Are you kidding me! I wondered if those cleaning ladies would be happy to know that potential business was being directed away from them.

So you can imagine how excited I was when my cleaning lady, of three years, decided to go into a different profession. Happy, happy, happy! And of course, the routine started almost at once. The first person I talked to gave me the, don't covet my cleaning lady speech. Luckily, my friend Nicole was much kinder. She simply whipped out her Blackberry and wrote the number down. I REALLY love her a lot.

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you KILL me with the nose thing!!!