Monday, July 16, 2007

Playing Away The Days

So I didn't have time to update on Friday. I feel bad about missing a day. I almost never miss a Friday Fun Stuff post, but this past Friday I just couldn't do it. You see Mark had this weekend off. The first time in over a year he hasn't had homework for his CMA. So we decided to go hiking in Waterton and then to see Honeymoon Suite Friday night. It was crazy busy!

We hiked 11km in Waterton to Wall Lake. Then spent the night singing along to Honeymoon Suite. Mark was having such a good time that he was not only singing he was doing jazz hands as well. Jaylene, Darren and I were most impressed, not least of which was because he had drank 4 schooners by that time. I was quite proud he was still sitting upright on his chair.

Then Saturday we got really crazy and went to see Transformers. It starts strong, ends weak, and the dialogue was so terrible I was embarrassed for Optimus Prime. That is saying something when you feel bad for a 14 foot robot. A robot that could wipe the pity off your face with his pinky. After we did lunch and then went back to the theatre and caught the new Harry Potter. Which IMHO is the best so far, but WOW was it dark! A couple of young kids started crying at a few points.

So all in all, we pretty much followed our bliss and had a great time. The only problem is now I want to do that every weekend!

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Rebecca 'Becky' Heaman said...

so imagine instead of waiting for the weekend, you can enjoy being unemployed and go see Harry at the matinee during the week! That's what I did!