Thursday, July 12, 2007

Theme: Boys

I used to coach Under 13 girls soccer. I never wanted to go higher, even though as a Level 3 Soccer Coach it would make sense to streach my muscles and work with a more competitive age group. The reason why is simple. At 13 girls have not yet discovered boys. By 14 it's too late. At 14 if they don't know soccer they aren't interested. They have discovered a new sport, stalking, talking, dreaming and generally giggling about boys.

I have no doubt that puberty hits boys as hard as girls, but for some reason girls seem to become obsessively fixated in a way boys don't. And with the proliferation of some of the horrible and degrading things that girls do to be popular it is enough to turn most parents gray. When did parties or acts that are purposely win-win for boys, but in all reality bad for girls become de rigueur?

Why is it so hard to make at 14 year old believe they are more than their bra size?

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