Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Theme: Get Out of Jail Free Card

Sleepovers are what a 14 year old girl would call a get out of jail free card.

Young boys, and some not so young men have many happy ideas about what is involved in a sleep over. They grin lopsidedly as they imagine exciting pillow fights in teeny tiny teddies. Salacious secrets flying fast and furious, followed by spasms of laughter and jiggling boobs.

Reality, I am afraid, is that most sleep overs never happen. Sleepovers are code for: you tell your Mom I am staying at your house and visa versa so that you can spend the whole night gallivanting around. This is the sort of thing that strikes terror into the heart of most parents, and it happens all the time. 14 year old girls only have 5 things on their minds: boys, clothes, the telephone, make-up, and marrying a movie star. Mrs. Timberlake, paging Mrs. Timberlake. Add some alcohol to this mix and you can image how much trouble they can get up to.

My father never understood the sleep over. Coming from Europe it never made sense to him. He couldn't understand why you should impose on another family, nor why they would want the hassle of looking after another family's child. A visit or play date was one thing, they necessitated that you leave after a specified amount of time. Because of this we were only allowed to have a sleep over at a friends house on special occasions. A practice I thought tantamount to having to watch Red Dawn again. Now it makes a lot of sense. Especially, when I remember all the times I tried to use the double sleep over excuse to run around unfettered.

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