Monday, July 09, 2007

Theme: Hell is a D-Cup Blonde

At least it is when you're 14. Because let's face it, 14 year old boys think about only 5 things: chocolate, x-box, boobs, hockey, and ninjas. Sadly, as you aren't made out of chocolate, don't obsess over first-person shooters, and would choose David Beckham over Sidney Crosby - you my friend, are edging dangerously close to loserdom.

What is even more frustrating is that you have absolutely NO say in how big your boobs are. Hair colour at least you can control, somewhat. Blonde as they say is a state of mind. But being blessed with two of the smallest pebbles in the desert is the largest inequity in the world. What can you do? Hope! Hope springs eternal! So you look at your mother. Does she have big boobs? Because, maybe, just MAYBE, you are in line for a better bra size. But as in so many things big boobs are less a genetic quality, than an economic one. As a 14 year old girl with a job at Wendy's your choices are limited: Kleenex, hoping your mother is right that boys are really looking for a good personality, and that the juggling trick you learned at summer camp is as killer as your remember it to be.

Love IS a battlefield.

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Anonymous said...

Oh......I could lament about my small boobs forever......Until I had babies - then poof!!!