Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Fun Stuff!

Want a second line on your cell phone? Maybe you run a small business, moonlight somewhere, or want to be able to take personal calls on a company phone, now you can. I just love this idea. A few years ago Mark and I cancelled our land line because the only people calling us were tele-marketers, but what if you need another line, do you want to get a second phone or back to a land line? Well know you don't have to do either with Mobile VoIP.

You have sat through CSI, CSI: Miami and New York, loved Criminal Minds, and cut your teeth on Law and Order, so maybe you feel your ready solve the perfect murder. Take this quiz at BBC online and see if you got what it takes to be a forensic scientist.

Holy shit! Is this a joke? I thought I went crazy over my wedding, but I was downright medicated next to this! I don't think she is actually walking, I think she has a skateboard under that dress.

Picture from Flickr

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