Thursday, August 16, 2007

Find the Right Rest Home

Muffy and I recently had a deep conversation about our future. Planning out our retirement. Taking into account changes in life style. Discussing how we envision it. So far this is what we have decided.

We are going to request side-by-side rooms at the retirement home. She will be in charge of buying the Jack Daniels. I will look after making fun of her stain glass hobby while moving her cup slight out of her reach each time she bends over to solder pieces together. I will introduce her to the more interesting residents, read: those that don't gum their food. She will poke me with a stick while I try to do up my shoe laces.

We have decided that we should also cultivate a reputation as purveyors of practical jokes. Especially, the kind where we change our charts with other sicker patients, pin signs to the back of people's wheelchairs, and threaten to invest all our money into a Japanese style capsule hotel in downtown Calgary. We will demand jello at every meal and have our own rocking chairs with cup holders that only we are allowed to sit in. And most importantly, that we should never, ever, share our Jack Daniels.


Anonymous said...

We may want to add wheelchair races to our repertoire.

Anonymous said...

And who is going to wipe the drool from your chins ladies??

Anonymous said...

Given what I am learning about you ladies, I would say a cabana boy will be wiping the drool! Given the photo and stories, I would also say that none of you lovely ladies are even close to needing a rest home!