Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tagged Out

For the last two years all my photos have been hosted at Yahoo! Photo. Then about a month ago Yahoo! decided to shut down their photo site and focus exclusively on Flickr, which they also own. Last week I got an email saying that Yahoo! Photo was now closed, and directions on how to port all my pictures over to Flickr.

Switching went without a hitch. And honestly, I have been meaning to move over to Flickr for some time. The stuff you can do with your photos on Flickr is amazing. Not to mention they put up higher quality thumbnails, so your images don't look grainy. What I didn't realize was how much work it would be to tag, title and describe all my photos.

So last week I started tagging. This week I continue to tag. And I am pretty sure I will be tagging photos all next week as well. I had no idea I had so many photos! And even though I have been at it steadily for over a week and I am only halfway through my albums! Gulp!

Once the tagging is done I then need to change my Creative Commons licencing as well. Again something you couldn't set on Yahoo!Photos. And since I use so much content off the web, and Flickr in particular, for this blog and other work I felt it only fair to share my photos as well. However, due to content (nothing bad mom, I swear!) it doesn't make sense to licence all my images as Creative Commons. Here is an example of why; I have a couple of great pictures of Michelle in her lei and flowered bra at her Laua birthday party. And as fabulous as she looks, (not to mention a real sport to put on this get up) I don't want another person grabbing this picture off my site and using it for something else. Something tells me she wouldn't be happy her ta-tas had been used by another person and reposted online, even if they are mostly covered by exotic tulips.

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