Monday, August 27, 2007

Private Conversations

I was at the Doctor's office the other day and as per some legislation I am unaware of, it was packed with the requisite crying child, sniffly cold suffer, and outdated stack of magazines. If only, I could have this same experience at my dentist's office, I would know what I was put on this earth for, and my life would be complete.

Now normally, you expect this motley crue of sick, aged, and those in the 'mine, mine, mine' phase of development. Which is why I bring my own book, try to pick a place to sit where I have at least one free chair beside me and look as absolutely unapproachable as possible. On this particular day, I was actually enjoying my book and had left the waiting room and was walking the streets of Rome, when this woman starts talking in the corner. Now talking might be to limiting a word, announcing, is really what she was doing. For 15 minutes she went on and on about how she was going to give her boss a piece of her mind, then demand a transfer (which I am sure he would be totally willing to do after being called the names she was using), and that Lethbridge was such a hole, how anyone could actually live here was beyond her. Her overbearing voice caused the Pantheon to melt right in front of my eyes.

Is this desire to share your entire life with a crowded waiting room fall out from Reality TV? Where everyone thinks their life is so darn interesting they might as well invite you into it whether you want to be part of it or not. Or maybe she just thought she was so fabulously articulate that everyone would be eager to hang on every word she said. Endearing, no?

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