Tuesday, November 27, 2007

All About the Hands

Mitten and Glove Collection
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Sigh. Winter has arrived. I knew all that bargaining with God wouldn't pay off. Maybe he didn't believe me when I said I wouldn't swear ever again? Shit.

And so it has come, forcing me to abandon my cool coat for my winter coat. Which is nice, but not as nice as my fall coat. But more importantly reminding me that my hands were not made to exist in sub arctic temperatures. Except that like the lone sock that goes missing from the dryer, I seem to have lost my gloves. Actually, I knew they were missing. I had intended to go to Sears to get new ones. But I was holding out hope that winter would just forget to show up. Sleep in. Or call in sick.

Now it is too late and I need gloves. And for some reason all gloves made for women are either fashionable, but unpractical or visa versa. Being a girl I tend to gravitate to fashionable. Being an adult I know I should pick practical. But really, I just want pretty gloves.

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