Monday, November 26, 2007

Hot Wax

This past weekend Mark and I went to Invermere with some old friends. We all decided that a weekend away really required some spa time, and since what Mark knows, or wants to know, about spas equals his desire to wear women's underwear publicly, I made our booking. I thought a nice couples treatment would be great, 30 minutes of hydro-therapy and an 1 hour side by side massage. As neither of us has done hydro-therapy before we didn't know what to expect.

When they explained that we needed to get naked, sweat profusely then shower together, I thought Mark was going to die of excitement. This was like one of his best adolescent fantasies come to life. As soon as the ladies left us to strip down he looked at me and started wiggling his eye brows, an a impish smile on his face. At any moment I thought he was going to cry out 'boobies!' and then clap his hands.

Picture from Flickr

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Anonymous said...

And to think Mark didn't think he would have fun at a Spa!