Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday Fun Stuff

I really like the site The Superest, where animators and artists create their own superheroes to tango. The site is a continuous boxing ring of super powers. Readers get to vote on which superhero they think is best. When a new winner is raised anyone can create a new superhero to take them on. May the baddest, badasss win!

I got to admit I am not much of an Internet reader. I like books, I just hate reading anything long winded on the Internet. I like the blogs and websites I read to keep things short and simple. However, when I came across McSweeny's Open Letters, the other day, I thought I could make an exception. I couldn't stop reading! I have linked to my favorite about a man writing a open letter to the jealous cat who has taken out a hit on his infant child.

I discovered a few months ago and I have to say my relationship with it has been hot and cold. Scribd allows anyone to upload copies of published articles, books, reports, journal articles etc. Then you can search for what you want. Everything is tagged. I just have to say to the kinky individual who is having the serious love affair with branding policies, and uploading them - Uncle! But as I was saying, sometimes I can find tons of great info, other times, not so much. But I got a huge kick out of this exit interview form. Dissatisfaction was never funnier.

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Anonymous said...

Some days filling out an exit interview like that would feel soooo gooood!