Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Smelly Discontent

Originally uploaded by Rich Anderson.
I have an acquaintance who I call Smelly Discontent because whenever you see this person it appears as if plumes of discontent are steaming from their collar or snaking out through the bottom of their pants. They absolutely reek of unhappiness.

And you don't want to make the mistake of asking how this person is doing. Luckily, unlike a complainer they won't hold you up as long as a security check at the airport, oh no, but they will oozes some comment so smothered in sub context that you would have to have removed half your brain with a spoon to miss what they are implying. On those rare occasions where they are just too put upon to come up with a truly byzantine subliminal comment, they will twist their face in to a sort of smug smirk that clearly tells you that they are wasted in their current endeavours. If only the ice cream shop was looking for a new sweet attendant they could transform the world with their ideas for combining peanuts, mandarin oranges, and taffy. Damn this world for not seeing their true value!

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Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm!! Peanuts, mandarin oranges, and taffy!