Thursday, November 22, 2007

Divorce Your Loved One With Dignity

Yesterday I had to run by Chapters to pick up next month's book club book. As soon as I entered the store I saw him. He was there, again. Where he always is. Each and every time I go in. Sitting on the window seat by the magazines. Magazine in hand, coffee beside him. The coffee a short, the magazine some science thing. Obviously, our Lothario is not clear on the message he wants to send out. Is he a brilliant mind and watching his weight? Or is he cheap and just likes the pictures?

I had noticed him a few months back when we would go in on Sunday. Chapters regulars get to know each other over time. But last night was, well, a Wednesday night. That kinda means he is more than just a regular. If Chapters were a person, he would be its stalker. He was already at his spot working on his butt groove.

Now I have never talked to this guy. I am just assuming from the frequency of his visits, the downcast look on his face, and the fact that I don't think he buys the magazines he reads, he is recently divorced. I imagine that his ex took him for quite a lot and now he can no longer afford to join friends for meals or enjoy cable. Forced to economize he spends his free hours wiling away his time in magazines, just hoping to make a human connection. Preferably with a cute little brunette who will take him home, dust him off, and start about the task of actually resewing his pride back to his body. Much like Wendy did with Peter Pan's shadow. Because it seems to me right now, this guy and Peter, have a lot in common.


Squirrelly Girly said...

Damn you're funny!

Anonymous said...

Ah...back to the old style!! Love it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am leaving you in charge of writing on my tombstone!