Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Fun Stuff!

So I came across this great gift on Amazon. Perfect for every party boy on your Christmas list, and sure to be a hit at the New Year's party. The Lush Life Party Ice Luge is the natural winter alternative to the beer bong. Shots away.

A few weeks ago a good friend introduced me to Hoops and Yoyo. Since then they have become my de facto go to guys for side-splittingly funny e-cards. If you haven't gotten one of these cards check out two of my favorites: Sarcastic Wednesday and School's Out.

Alright, there is two weeks to Christmas and you still need to get some gifts. Why not buy a book. Books are a versitile gift idea, and with the New York Times Notable Books of 2007 deciding which book to get for what person is a snap!

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